Credit Cards

Only carry the credit cards you need. This practice limits access to your accounts in the event that your purse or wallet is lost or stolen. It’s also a great idea to photocopy your cards periodically and keep a record of the customer service phone numbers associated with your financial accounts to speed up the process of cancelling credit cards, if needed.

When giving your card details or personal information over the phone, Internet or in a shop, make sure other people cannot hear or see your personal information.

In shops at payment points or restaurants, ensure that your card never leaves your sight.

When buying goods online ensure that:

a)      the company you are dealing with is known to you or at the very least has good contact details on their website (i.e. phone number, full postal address etc)

b)      ensure the site is using secure technologies – this means that a small padlock sign appears in the bottom left hand corner of your browser and/or the web page that you are submitting your details to begins with “https