What is Identity Theft?

Your identity and your personal information are valuable.

Criminals can find out your personal details with ease today and use your own details to open bank accounts and get credit cards, loans, state benefits and documents such as passports and driving licenses - all in your name.

This website can help you protect yourself, advises what to do if it happens to you and suggests where to get further help.

In the UK alone, the Home Office estimated that identity theft cost the UK £1.3 billion per annum.  Experts believe that the real figure could actually be as high as £4.5 billion.

Identity theft occurs in many forms, such as someone using your stolen personal information to apply for loans or purchase items using your credit card number, along with many other fraudulent activities.

Because of this, most identity theft victims never incur a high amount of direct monetary losses. However, repairing the damages caused by identity theft can be a lengthy, financially straining process.  Taking precautions can save time, money and stress.